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A history of new Recenio features, improvements and fixes

Multiple language support

Multiple language support for widgets, forms and emails is now available! Recenio can now automatically translate widgets, forms and emails based on the language customers select in your store.

Email language selection

Email translations into English, Spanish, French and Lithuanian languages are now available! Emails will be translated if multiple language support is enabled. You can use the default translations or supply your own.

Widget and review form translation section

Widget and review form translations are now available! Translate your widgets and forms into English, Spanish, French and Lithuanian languages, with more to come!

Review requests page

Now you can gain more insight into your scheduled and sent review requests by visiting the review requests page.

Email color settings update

Customize email background and card background colors to better match your brand.

Media carousel widget

Bring your customer reviews to life! The Media Carousel Widget beautifully displays user-generated photos and videos, giving your products the spotlight they deserve.

Media gallery widget

Enhance your product pages with our newly introduced media gallery widget, designed to display customer-submitted photos and videos in a gallery format. Customize it to display media from a single product or all products.

Reviews badge widget

Proudly showcase your store’s reputation with our new reviews badge widget. This addition provides a dynamic display of your total review count and average rating, instilling immediate confidence in future customers. Tailor it to highlight accolades for your entire store or a single standout product.

Product review widget with grid layout

Discover a new way to display customer testimonials with Recenio's updated product review widget, now available in a grid layout.

Message page search by email

Need to find all emails that Recenio sent on your behalf to specific customers? Now you can do that in the message page using the new search function!

Product review rewards customization page

It’s time to give back to those who sing your praises. With Recenio, you can now create custom discount codes for customers who submit reviews. Create different rewards based on whether the customer submitted a simple text review or a media review.